Union Minister Nitin Gadkari Says Toll Booths Will Be Gone Within A Year, Tax Collection Based On GPS Imaging

In December, Nitin Gadkari had promised a “toll naka mukt Bharat”.

New Delhi:

Toll booths across the country and the long wait there will soon become a thing of the past, Union minister Nitin Gadkari told parliament today. Instead, there will be GPS-based system that will track cars and levy charges accordingly. Once the system becomes operational, it will lead to seamless movement of vehicles across the country, added the minister, who started trending on Twitter soon after.

“I want to assure the House that within one year, all physical toll booths in the country will be removed,” the Union Minister for Road Transport ad Highways said in the Lok Sabha.

“Toll money will be collected based on GPS imaging,” he said, adding that the system will be in place within year.

In December, Mr Gadkari had promised a “toll naka mukt Bharat (India devoid of toll barriers)”.

The GPS system will be obtained with the help of Russia and the toll charges will be directly deducted from the user’s bank account, the minister had said.

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