Suvendu Adhikari Complains To Election Commission About Mamata Banerjee


Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s close aide turned archenemy Suvendu Adhikari has filed a complaint to the Election Commission, alleging she has not made full disclosure about the cases against her. In a Facebook post, Mr Adhikari — now a member of the BJP and Mamata Banerjee’s challenger from Nandigram — has accused her of “suppression of facts”.

Ms Banerjee, the former Trinamool leader said in a Facebook post, has not mentioned six cases against her in her

“Among the cases, five are in Assam of 2018 and a CBI FIR. She has moved to the Calcutta High Court for quashing of one FIR to the court of Justice Joymalya Bagchi. It was rejected. I have presented all information during scrutiny. The Election Commission will have to question it,” he said in a video he posted on Facebook.

Seeking “justice” from the Election Commission, Mr Adhikari, however, added that the complaint is not the “final thing”.

“The Election Commission will examine if those cases are pending.  After they examine, I hope they will give justice according to law… If I don’t get justice, I will take it forward,” he said in the Facebook post.

Ms Banerjee had filed her nomination from Nandigram on Wednesday, pitting herself against Mr Adhikari, who won the seat in 2016 for her party. The battle for Nandigram — which helped catapult her to power in 2011 —  has now become a prestige fight and is drawing the maximum attention.

Wednesday evening, Ms Banerjee also sustained an injury on her foot which became a flashpoint between her party, the BJP and the Election Commission.

Ms Banerjee had alleged that her leg was crushed when she was greeting people from an SUV. Before being taken to hospital in Kolkata, she alleged that it was a conspiracy and that four or five unknown people involved. Her party said it was an attempt on her life.

The BJP accused her of pulling a stunt for sympathy votes ahead of a losing battle.

The Election Commission — which had ordered an investigation into the matter — said there is no evidence that the Chief Minister had come under attack. Calling it an accident caused after her security protocol was flouted, the Commission suspended the police officer in charge of her security.

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