Not Japan, This Pink Wonderland Is Bengaluru

Many have compared the trees to those in Japan.


When it comes to the streets littered with fallen pink leaves and canopies of pink flowers sheltering the roads, one often thinks of Japan. However, there is a ‘pink paradise’ in Karnataka as well. Social media is flooded with images of pink trees from Bengaluru, shared by residents of the capital city.

Many have compared the trees to those in Japan.

“My favourite favourite time in Bangalore. Our very own Cherry Blossom or Sakura like I say every year,” said food writer Monika Manchanda.

And she is not alone. Twitter was also home to pictures from passionate Bengaluru residents who are more than delighted by the ‘pink-season.’

Adjectives like beautiful, magnificent, breath-taking could be found in multiple posts.

One user credited the season to their good mood stating, “Genuinely my favourite time of year, my serotonin shoots up like mad every time I see this pink cotton candy vibe. Instant mood booster.”

Author Nandita Iyer penned a few lines, romanticising the weather, the city, and the overall atmosphere.

“The romance of spring blooms so lush, painted in hues, of a pink blush…Raag Shudh Sarang / bandish/ addha taal/ Malaniya eri laavo ri aaj (bring me the garlands today)…Bangalore’s beauty these days is just uff!” she wrote on Instagram.

Given all these beautiful images, the comparison with Japan was inevitable.

The pink hue in Bengaluru could be attributed to Tabebuia flowers which blossom every year around spring.

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