Mumbai Man Arrested For Allegedly Pushing Woman Before Train

The railway personnel said a case has been filed against the accused. (Representational)


A man has been arrested in Mumbai after he pushed a woman, who had allegedly refused to marry him, under a train, police said.

The woman suffered a head injury in the incident which took place Friday evening at the city’s Khar railway station, according to the officials concerned.

The woman, a resident of Khar, had boarded a train from Andheri station. According to the police, the woman and the accused met each other two years back when they were both working at the same place. However, the woman had ended her relationship after she got to know that the accused was an alcohol addict, cops said.

The entire incident was caught a CCTV camera.

In the footage, the accused, Sumedh Jadhav, is seen coming towards the station as soon as the train reaches the platform, officials said.


After pretending to jump in front of the train, he tried to push the woman before the moving train.

As he caught other passengers’ attention, he aborts the attempt midway and runs away. Several people can be seem coming towards the woman to help her.

The railway personnel said the accused has been arrested and a case has been filed against him.

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