Can Vaccinate Everyone In Delhi In 3 Months If Allowed

Arvind Kejriwal today asked that the centre allow vaccination for all above 18 and claimed his government could inoculate all of Delhi in three months if it was allowed.

“We can vaccinate all of Delhi in three months if walk-in vaccinations are allowed,” the Chief Minister said after a meeting to discuss the surge in virus cases.

Besides calling for vaccinations to open up, Mr Kejriwal also urged all those eligible in current inoculation drives to get Covid shots.

“I appeal to everyone, who is eligible, to get themselves vaccinated. 30,000-40,000 vaccines are being administered per day as of now. We will increase this to 1.25 lakh vaccines per day. In the next few days, we are increasing our capacity,” he said, adding that the hours would be increased to 9 pm.

“There is no reason for hesitation. Me and my parents also got vaccinated. The centre has issued guidelines on vaccination but they are very restrictive. We have been vaccinating for over two months now. The vaccination system needs to open up.”

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